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A Better Brain A Better Body Hypnosis is located at; 

The Smooth Aesthetics Medical Spa in Burbank, Ca. down from The Burbank Studios, Disney, Warner Brothers and many local studios.

Address; 1510 W. Verdugo Ste#E, Burbank, Ca 91506
To book an appt. with Victoria call #818-954-0510

Hours; Monday thru Friday from 10am to 7pm Sat. 10am to 4pm Sun. 11am to 4pm

Email any questions or comments to: abetterbrainabetterbody@gmail.com


Specializing in Weight Reduction/Management, Sports Enhancement, Stress/Anxiety, Pain Management, Relationships, Career Motivation, Money Manifestation & More!

 Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy can help in these areas by changing the internal first to bring about the exterior changes desired. From Motivation, Procrastination, Relaxation, to even Quit Smoking!

 We also have our client's nourish the brain, which in turn nourishes the body for health on so many levels! If you feed your brain, you feed your body that helps to loose weight, keeping it off, feeling more energized & this also gets our client's on the right path to having a more balanced life. We also address the other important factors in our therapy sessions.


Victoria Tresor received her Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification from "The Hypnosis Motivation Institute" in Tarzana, Ca.

Victoria also received her certification and studied "Spiritual Psychology With Non-Duality" from The Brain Optimization Institute of Glendale, Ca. 

She uses Clinical Hypnosis, mixing in Meditation for a deeper level helping her clients succeed far greater in session. This is elevating the client to a higher level in their life, where they previously were before! 

This is done in a calm and relaxing
 environment, lit by candles anointed with her "Mystical Rose Oil" with sound & music therapy. 





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